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Build & Fly NASA-Inspired Helicopters

Design, Build, Fly - Infrared Induction Helicopter

Inspired by NASA's groundbreaking Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, our unique program empowers students to become aerospace engineers and explore the wonders of flight.

Learn to construct a helicopter from the basic stage.

Program Objectives

This hands-on feature introduces the fundamental components of a helicopter. Kids will gain an understanding of the main rotor, tail rotor, body, and how they work together for flight.

Design a helicopter to achieve maximum stability.

This is where the engineering mindset kicks in! Students will experiment with blade shapes, weights, and construction techniques to create a helicopter that flies smoothly and resists spinning or wobbling.

Build capacity to solve aviation problems.

The program will present aviation-themed challenges, encouraging flexible thinking and solutions. These might include obstacle courses, precision landings, or modifications for carrying "cargo".



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SDRO is a Proud Space Tutor of ISRO (Dept. of Space) Govt. of India

Who can participate?  

Designed for students of Classes 2 to 6 and Classes 7 to 9 to design, build, and fly their very own helicopters.

What will you get? 

Helicopter Making Kit, Hands-on Making in Campus Training, and Certification of Completion (Hard Copy)

Program Fee: Get in touch to know more.


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