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India's Astro Genius 2024 

A Journey Through Space and Creativity for Young Minds

Begin a transformative adventure with your child, nurturing their curiosity, creativity, and brilliance, tailored for the vibrant young minds of India.

Our goal is to shape the geniuses of the future by engaging them in an environment where creativity intersects with the wonders of the cosmos

Course Highlights

Science and Technology Class

Why India's Astro Genius?

🌟 Diverse Learning Experience

From podcasting to space tech coding, our course offers a unique blend of creative and technical skills development.

🌟 Expert-Led Sessions

70 one-to-one and 25 group sessions guided by seasoned professionals.

 🌟 Recognition of Talent

Exceptional learners will be celebrated at both State and National levels.

Join Us on This Galactic Adventure!

Enroll your child in "India's Astro Genius" and watch them transform into a confident, creative, and curious learner. Spaces are limited in this sought-after program, designed to cultivate the next generation of thinkers, creators, and space explorers.

Enroll in India's Astro Genius Today!

Empower your child with the skills of tomorrow. Join "India's Astro Genius" and watch them soar to new heights of creativity and knowledge. Limited seats available for this exclusive and transformative educational journey.

What age group is 'India's Astro Genius' designed for?


This course is specifically designed for children aged 7 and above, focusing on developing their curiosity and creativity in space science and related creative fields.

What does the 'India's Astro Genius' course cover?


The course encompasses a wide array of activities including podcasting, book writing and illustration, short video creation, interactive presentations and storytelling, space-themed journalism and blogging, space technology coding, and strategic mind mapping centered around astronomical themes.

How long is the course and what's the structure?

'India's Astro Genius' is a one-year program, comprising 70 personalized one-to-one live training sessions and 25 interactive group sessions, designed to provide a holistic learning experience.

How will this course benefit a child’s development?

The course is aimed at nurturing both technical and soft skills such as creativity, storytelling, critical thinking, and problem-solving, all through the engaging lens of space science and technology.

Do participants receive any recognition or certification?

Yes, upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate. Exceptional learners will also have the opportunity to be recognized at state and national levels.

Does 'India's Astro Genius' include practical projects?

Definitely. The course emphasizes practical, hands-on learning, with a variety of projects and activities that allow students to apply their knowledge and skills.

Large Audience

Awards and Recognition

Each student will receive a certificate for every new skill they successfully complete, totaling up to seven certificates. Outstanding talents will be acknowledged at both the state and national levels for their respective skills. It's important to remember that your child can be nominated for either a single skill or multiple skills, and has the opportunity to win awards in one or more of these areas.

Explore Our Flexible Fee Plans! 🌌

6 Months Fee: Just Rs 42,500/-

Annual Fee: 69,500/-

Make the most of this opportunity and give your child the advantage of our comprehensive annual program, now at an exclusive Offer.


India's Astro Genius

Cultivating the next generation of Space scientists, Creative thinkers, and Innovators.

Got Questions?

Our team is ready to assist you in embarking on this exciting educational voyage. Reach out to us for any queries or further information.

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